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I am Chad Malmstrom owner of Chisel Construction and Home Improvement LLC preforming home remodeling Denver NC. formally known as K&M Remodeling LLC. To tell you a little about myself, growing up with dyslexia seemed to always have me somewhat separated for the mainstream. Special smaller classes to help me grasp the lessons and concepts my pears, whom seemed to learn with ease. I voluntarily took summer school to attempt to catch up. By the time It came to going to college I had somewhat of a firm grip on that I was not an academic, yet I hadn’t yet figured out that home remodeling Denver NC was in my future, but it seemed that was the only way it success or at least independence. Trudging on with my documentation of dyslexia I did my best to self advocate by speaking to all my professors in advance of the situation. Requesting to avoid reading aloud in class and in class essays. I also was given extended test time and a reader as necessary, as you can see it wasn’t a normal college experience.

Now I’m in my 2nd year and a hurricane was on its way, so a few buddies and I started soliciting the neighborhood to put up there storm shutters. After purchasing a few tools we ended up turning a small profit that started my career that eventually landed me in home remodeling Denver NC. I was hooked something that I was good at and witch could yield real results. I am in collage for my bachelors in business administration, and thinking to myself this is what I have just done. The next project was to rebuild a dock, I intuitively completed the job without having to get in the water. For the first time in my life my peers were asking me, how did you know how to do that. For some time I struggled with delusions of grandeur being the three-piece suit corporate CEO type before realizing that my future was in home remodeling Denver NC.

Until I heard some words of advice from my good friends successful father who spoke French so the feedback was interpreted “If you’re a plumber freaking plum, do what you like even if you don’t see much money doing it at first eventually you will be successful at it”. For some reason those words stuck with me maybe because such a conservative looking fella would curse like that. After college, before settling in as a home remodeling Denver NC, I started soliciting work by putting flyers on people’s cars at the Home Depot and Lowes even getting run off a few time for illegal solicitation. I took on a roof job knowing nothing of the trade but I had a friend who did, again almost instinctively figuring out the application that most efficient way to get the job completed.

Lets fast forward to today I am a licensed contractor performing home remodeling Denver NC, and I would like to say thanks to my loyal clients there high expectations and uncompromising performance standards who made me good. I believe I picked that phase up from a book. I like to instill the same passion and enthusiasm with anybody who comes to work here so I ask three rhetorical questions 1.) Do you enjoy what you do 2.) Are you good at it 3.) Are you really concerned on what the outcome is. Now if you can’t answer those questions with confidence then this place my not be the best for you. Not only are you wasting my time but more importantly you own. I’m also concerned about them getting hurt during a home remodeling Denver NC project and if there not good with there hands it’s very likely.

Are you a Homeowner? Are you looking to do home remodeling Denver NC on your own home? If you are then this is what you can expect from Chisel Construction. The very best of craftsmanship that we can muster we believe that yesterdays best is today’s average. Our Jobs are staffed with the same skilled craftsmen from start to finish. Plumbing, electrical, HVAC, carpentry, tile, woodworking , paint all done by the same people. This eliminates the finger pointing blame game that happens between two different subcontractors and simultaneously streamlines your project to get done as fast as possible. We exclusively take on projects that are home owner occupied witch is a very different approach than a property management or new construction perspective. Keeping your home a habitable environment during this home remodeling Denver NC is one of the hallmarks of my business. Over our years of experience our first responsibility is to protect the parts of your home which are not being worked on. Third we have your job staffed from start to finish we are considerate of the fact us being in your home is inconvenient especially if no one’s there, to have a open job that is not being worked on because there was a more pressing issue is not the kind of treatment you will find with Chisel construction.

Finally I would love to create a masterpiece in you home be as creative as you like any ideas found on Pintrest or houzz.com are appreciated and thoroughly entertained. Every project is unique and presents its own set of challenges we encourage creativity in all our home remodeling Denver NC projects, I look forward to working with you.

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